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For all those who want to become a better developer first and then an expert of a programming language "The Pragmatic Programmer"..

Migrating s_code.js file to AppMeasurement.js (AdobeAnalytics/Sitecatalyst)

Here we are at the last and most important part of the blog "All About Analytics" which is about implementing and migrating s-code.js file provided by Adobe Analytics to AppMeasurement.js file which is the newer version of the sitecatalyst code and is much faster in handling operations than the earlier one. Before we start of … Continue reading Migrating s_code.js file to AppMeasurement.js (AdobeAnalytics/Sitecatalyst)

All About Analytics

Analytics is the practice of methodical exploration of an organization’s data with emphasis on statistical analysis. Some of the most intelligent decisions are made using the information derived from the Analytics tool, it is all about providing relevant information based upon site visits and site traffic. In this blog , we will be learning about … Continue reading All About Analytics